an original science fiction drama
of unparalleled vision

                    Lucille Lang Day, Author, INFINITIES and WILD ONE

     UPSURGE is a contemporary drama with elements of
     psychological fantasy and science fiction narrated by
     its three principal characters: Tyler Fox, a visionary
     scientist; his wife Gwen, a pregnant former actress
     and school teacher; and their teenaged daughter,
     Leanna, whose dreams and fears about the world’s
     future cause her to disappear to a hidden, fantastic,
     and frightening place.






"UPSURGE brings real family dynamics and real politics together in great science fiction.”
     Eric R. A. N. Smith, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara
                                                      Author, ENERGY, THE ENVIROMENT AND PUBLIC OPINION

“Teton’s characters and their emotional complexities are so firmly established early on that by the time readers are transported to the author's dizzying alternate realities, we’re hooked….”
                                    Debo Kotun, Author, ABIKU; Producer, Pacifica Radio Network

“a great, evocative, thought-provoking book…an engaging and personal drama that takes us on a voyage of inner discovery”
Tyler Volk, Assoc. Professor of Biology, New York University




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